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Wearable technology is the future and NuEyes Easy brings the future to you in a small, compact yet powerful head worn device. NuEyes Easy finally makes it possible for those with visual impairments to connect with loved ones and others without always having to use a big clunky machine. Our removable visual prosthetic helps the visually impaired see again while keeping their hands free. NuEyes Easy removable visual prosthetic is the first ever lightweight, wireless, head worn device that is voice activated for the visually impaired. Whether you have macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, or other visual conditions NuEyes can help! NuEyes Easy is a very simple product to use and can be either operated with our wireless controller included with the product or using simple voice commands.




  • Read and write using NuEyes Watch TV and Movies

  • See the faces of loved ones

  • Continue hobbies such as reading music and playing cards

  • Regain visual independence

  • Variable Magnification from 1x-12x

  • Various contrast and color changes

  • Voice Activated Wireless

  • Lightweight Design

  • 2 Year Warranty

Suitable for

People with vision impairments